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LingwoodIf you are processing, cooking and packaging fresh food we hope that you will find our website interesting and helpful.

Having understood exactly what our customers really need, Lingwood deliver equipment that provides quality finished products processed in an efficient and cost effective way. Furthermore, we know that, in this age of constantly changing customer tastes and trends, equipment has to be flexible enough to adapt and change.

With this in mind our philosophy, therefore, is simple

  1. Understand your needs, thoroughly.
  2. Match those needs with the correct machine or combination of machines from our range.
  3. Demonstrate this solution to you and work with you to establish the benefits this solution provides.
  4. Supply and install the equipment and train your staff to achieve the results required.
  5. Provide after sales support and service for the lifetime of the equipment.

Our web site is intended to show you the wide range of food processing equipment available and the many and varied applications available in the following areas:-
Salad/Vegetable/Fruit & Herb Processing
Meat/Poultry & Fish Processing
Weighing & Packaging
Cooking & Mixing

The information contained is not exhaustive, as we are constantly working with our suppliers to provide new equipment and new applications for existing equipment.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then hopefully you will find something very similar. At that stage please contact us and we can arrange to discuss your exact needs with you in more detail.

We hope that you find our web site both interesting and informative. Please visit us regularly and stay up to date with what’s new from Lingwood.

Remember for Food Processing Machinery make Lingwood your first call.

Lingwood Food Services Ltd  Registered Office: Unit 7,8 & 9 Tomo Business Park, Tomo Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 5EP  Company No: 03295706

Food Processing Machinery


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