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ZTI Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker


Unique processing method

The mango is a very tender fruit and so demands special care in processing. Conventional peeling methods fail to provide the desired result, as the fruit is often damaged. So, the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker holds the fruit not on the outside, by the fruit, but by the stone.

The starting point - longer shelf-life

The fruit is peeled naturally, as if it were being peeled by hand. In other words, along the length of the fruit. The result of this peeling method is a nice authentic, smooth cut. After peeling the mango 'cheeks' are sliced with two sharp, rotating blades. This unique processing method increases the shelf-life of your product.

Features of the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker

  • Consistent quality, comparable with hand-peeled fruit 
  • Peeling method ensures an authentic, smooth cut 
  • Also suitable for soft, ripe mangos
  • Capacity: 30 - 40 mangos per minute 
  • Maximum diameter of fruit: 140 mm 
  • Length: min.115 mm, max. 160 mm 
  • Dimensions of machine: 6750 x 1270 x 2450 mm (L x W x H) 

Features of all our fruit-processing machines

  • Careful treatment and processing improves the shelf life 
  • High processing capacity 
  • Maximum yield per processed product
  • Equals or betters manual processing
  • Visually attractive end product
  • Easy to clean and to service 
  • Meet European guidelines for the food-processing industry in relation to hygiene and safety 

Features of all ZTI smart machines

  • Smart innovations that are distinguished by their simplicity 
  • Simple and safe to operate 
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Optimum balance between 'mechanics' and 'electronics'
  • Attractive recovery of investment time


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