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Betterpan is a multipurpose cooking appliance designed for carrying out the main cooking methods: boiling, browning, frying and pressure cooking. By means of the electronic device it is possible to set different cooking programs: from omelettes to fish fillets, from steamed vegetables to meat sauces. Thanks to its versatility and its compact dimensions, Betterpan can be installed even in very limited spaces. It is an irreplaceable element that can be used as catering equipment and in central kitchens, in public and private canteens, in small and medium-sized food industries and laboratories.

• Self-supporting frame in stainless steel AISI 304 (thickness 40/10).
• Outer cover in stainless steel AISI 304 fine satin finish.
• Adjustable feet in stainless steel AISI 304, even of different heights, with removable cover for cleaning operations.
• Friendly Service: quick accessibility to the main components.
• Temperature regulation from 50° to 250° C by means of a sensor located into the bottom just under the cooking surface or by a second probe in the vat to ensure a precise survey and quick reaction of the heating.

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Control system features

Communicates in the user’s language;

Extremely easy to learn and to use;

Ability to set times and temperatures very precise with values from 50°C to 250°C;

Choose between different types of cooking: boiling, (deep) frying, pressure cooking, braising (browning/ sautéing/searing), processing the product using the core probe or doing a soft cooking;

Emits an acoustic signal to indicate the end of cooking;

Controls water quantity in litres to charge, if cold or hot, and fills it later automatically;

Offers 3 different temperature probes: in the bottom, in the vessel in contact with the product and the core probe/hatpin;

Possibility to set an heating start in a precise time and date in the future;

Optional automatic and control of baskets lifting (version “-C”);

Keeps the product at the end of cooking at a minimum temperature of 65°C, if programmed;

Displays the maintenance actions programmed following a schedule;

Ready to be connected with the PC for the HACCP control;

Provides simple messages to help to identify and to correct the most common errors of use;

Fault diagnosis

Back lit display.


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