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ClearOil is a filtration system designed for the continuous purification of frying oil. The contaminants are removed from the oil by a high-quality filtration medium, capable of filtering down to 1 micron.

The ClearOil filter cleans the oil from your process removing contaminants such as Flavours, Spices and Sugars etc and is designed to work alongside all frying industrial systems. The unit can be connected with each brand of fryer such as HiTec, GEA, Alco, Stork, Marel, CFS, Nothum, Koppens and yours.

The ClearOil is a continuous system which works by pressing contaminated oil through a sheet of filter material. When the solids build-up, the pressure in the chamber rises. Once it reaches the maximum pressure the flow of oil stops and compressed air pushes the last drops of oil through the filter cake. After the filter cake is dry, it will be discharged into a bin and new filter material will be transported into the filter at the same time. The filter cycle will restart automatically and repeat the process.

ClearOil will extend the life of your oil and this will save you money over time. Contaminated oil also results in poor quality products so regular cleaning will ensure your products retain their taste and appeal.

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Features and benefits of the ClearOil
  • Higher quality of your products
  • Eliminate product contaminants
  • Less downtime changing oil
  • Use your oil longer and save money
  • Easy waste collection and disposal
  • Works with all industrial frying systems
  • Simple to install and operate

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