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GEWA PLUS & ECO Flume washers

Designed and constructed for the food processing industry, food service and commercial kitchens

Thoroughly washing salads and vegetables, fruit, herbs but also sliced products until they are completely clean – that’s the job of the KRONEN GEWA ECO and GEWA PLUS range of continuous flume washing systems.

All of the washers work continuously using a combination of water agitation for cleaning, and vibrator for de-watering and transportation (V-version). Other options include mesh belt outfeed (B-version)
for delicate products, instead of the vibrator system, and air agitation to work with, or in place of, the standard water agitation system.

Valve control over the water flow, direction and pressure enables you to adjust the machine to the specific requirements of your product. For example delicate salad and babyleaf products require a more gentle wash than harder root vegetables. Water is recirculated through the system to keep operating costs low.

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GEWA range features and benefits
  • A range of machines to suit customer throughputs and product requirements – lines are accurately sized and specified to meet your specific needs
  • Outfeed vibrator or mesh belt – choose the perfect solution for your products – reduce damage and bruising and increase quality and shelf life
  • PLUS and ECO options – same great performance from a value engineered alternative
  • Suitable for a wide range of products – light, heavy, hard or delicate, whole or cut – the GEWA range has washed them all
  • Perfect solution for mixing whilst washing – bring multiple products together and mix them as you wash them – reduce handling, reduce damage and increase efficiency
  • Compact design – saves space and reduces water usage – less litres/kg saves you money
  • Helical wash system increases product dwell time – delivering superb results


  • Integrated de watering
  • Insect removal and fine particle filtration
  • Water management – fill and dump and re-cycling
  • UV-C water treatment
  • Automated chemical dosing and monitoring units
  • Weight controlled line infeed system

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