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PDS pepper de-corer / wedger

The HiTec Pepper Decoring System is the perfect machine for decoring and segmenting peppers in high volume and delivers impressive labour savings. This is the newest generation of bell pepper decorer which has  been specially developed to meet the high demands in the modern food processing industry. The bell peppers are placed by hand on the pocket lane, which then transports to the core / cut section. At each step, 4 pockets can be filled simultaneously. Thanks to special pockets, the peppers remain perfectly oriented during the cutting and de-coring of the product, ensuring consistent, high quality results.

The product is moved step by step making it very easy and controllable to load product into the machine. The cut products are transported further through the pockets and unloaded at the outfeed point into a collection bin or directly onto a conveyor belt. The removed waste / cores are transported directly to a waste bin via an integral conveyor belt saving time and reducing manual handling

  • The cutting inserts are very easy to change and have a long service life.
  • EHEDGE Design, CE (Easy to clean and disinfect).
  • Stainless steel AISA 304 / HDPE Robust and reliable construction.
  • User-friendly and simple operation
  • Electrically driven conveyor, with pneumatic cutting section.
  • Perfectly decored and halved or quartered product.

The machine is designed according to the European safety standards. The machine is equipped with interlocked safety. The machine is entirely constructed of stainles  steel (304) and food grade products.

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Features and benefits of the PDS

De core and wedge a wide range of fresh peppers

Maximum capacity up to 3,600 peppers per hour

User friendly, simple to set up and operate

High quality, high yield results

Saves labour and removes RSI risks

Low maintenance and easy to clean design and construction



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