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BDS 3000/800

In-line salad, vegetable and fruit de-watering conveyor

The BDS 3000/800 is used for de-watering salad, baby leaf and leaf vegetables. It removes excessive free moisture from the products before the drying process. The residual moisture can be reduced to 3 – 8 % depending on product and capacities. Products are transported by a mesh grid belt of 2000 mu.

Knocking section:

  • The products drop on the infeed belt, where the knocking section evenly distributes them across the entire width of the belt..

De-watering section:

  • The products are transported between two belts (top/bottom). In the first step the suction device takes moisture from the product. Directly afterwards the products (only leaf and light products) are blown to the top belt where a further suction operation is performed. In this way several dewatering operations take place as the product travels through the machine.
  • The de-watering belt system is designed with an open stainless steel frame. Round materials are used wherever possible. The BDS 3000/800 is characterized as a hygienic and “easy to clean” construction.
  • The outfeed section is equipped with an air knife to remove remaining product from the belt.
  • A noise reduction box captures moisture and reduces operational noise levels


Baby-leaf mix: up to 300 kg / h

The BDS de-watering system is an ideal addition to the KRONEN GEWA washing machines and K650 centrifuge. It can be integrated in all other systems that require a continuous, user-friendly drying process operated with a minimum number of personnel.

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BDS specification


length 3350 mm
width 1650 mm
height 1700 mm
infeed / feeding height 1000 mm
discharge / outfeed height 1100 mm


total power 15 kW
voltage 400 V N/PE
frequency 50 Hz

Suction Dry System

Belt width 800 mm

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