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Deconwa Prep

The KRONEN DECONWA Prep is a food prep machine that sanitises whole fruits and vegetables ready for further processing through a treatment process. The product surface is decontaminated by washing with fresh water with the addition of a biocides as required.

This prevents cross-contamination, since no germs are passed on between products and transferred from the product skin to sensitive cut surfaces during the processing stage. Thus the shelf life of end products, such as fruit salad, improves.

As a solution for the transition from “low care” to “high care” production areas, the DECONWA Prep ensures optimal hygiene right at the start of the production process. The DECONWA food prep machine is generally suitable for all applications in which raw products should be decontaminated before further processing, e.g. peeling and/or cutting, to avoid cross-contamination. Different setting options enable easy adaptation to different products and production requirements.

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Deconwa Prep specification


length 3399 mm
width 1178 mm
height 1559 mm
weight 390 kg
infeed / feeding height 890 mm
discharge / outfeed height 979 mm


total power 2.9 kW
voltage 3~400 V N/PE
frequency 50 Hz


total water volume 885 l

spec. washing machines

water outlet 2x 2 “
fresh water connection 2x ¾ (GEKA) “

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