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Controlled retention time dipping of cut fruit and vegetables

The KDB 120 dipping bath has been developed for final treatment of peeled and cut fruit and vegetables. To extend product shelf life, and retain appearance and quality, some products need to be dipped in a post process solution to prevent browning. Essential requirements of the process are to ensure the required retention time and to minimise use of the solution, to reduce operating costs

Working principle:

  • The KDB 120 dipping bath will be filled with the peeled and/or cut product via the feeding hopper. This can be done manually or by using an infeed conveyor.
  • The product will be transported through the filled tank and, additionally, sprayed from the top. The open and easy access construction guarantees gentle product treatment.
  • The contact time of the product is adjustable from 30 to 120 seconds.
  • The water level in the dipping bath is infinitely variable according to product quantity and size.
  • With a minimum water volume of 24 litres, corresponding to a water level of 10 mm, the function of the machine is fully guaranteed. The KDB dipping bath is the device with the smallest fill quantity on the market and ensure your operating costs are kept to the minimum
  • At the end of the process, the product can be dried by an air knife (optional) and then will be discharged directly into a container or on a conveyor belt (optional) for further processing.

The space-saving KDB 120 dipping bath can easily be integrated into existing fruit or vegetable processing lines but also can be operated as a stand-alone machine. The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 or FDA approved plastics (all parts that are in contact with food) and can easily be cleaned and maintained.


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KDB specification


length 2600 mm
width 1500 mm
height 1600 mm


total power 2.2 kW
voltage 3~400 V N/PE
frequency 50 Hz


total water volume 130 l

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