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K 650

In-line centrifuge drying of lettuce, vegetables, fruits and more

The K650 drying system is the ideal system for drying a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products in a continuous, in-line process. The K650 drying system is perfectly suited for drying sliced fruit, vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms and herbs in high care, fresh cut food production areas

Depending on consistency, shape and size of the product and the desired degree of drying, spinning times and spinning speeds can be adjusted via a touch screen and saved in the programs. Depending on the cycle time and rotational speed, some parameters are automated, e.g. speed of the buffer conveyor and of the outfeed conveyor. This makes the system easy to set up and operate. With an optional volume control, the product feed quantity can be optimised. This influences the capacity and the drying effect. When no product is being fed tot he line it switches to energy saving mode automatically.

Method of operation

After the washing process, the product is collected on a buffer conveyor and shuttled into the centrifuge unit for drying. This enables your washing process to continue without interruption whilst managing the flow of product into the centrifuge. Based on the product and quantity different programs can be chosen. This enables an effective, gentle and short drying cycle. At the end of the drying cycle the rotational speed is reduced and an air ejection unit gently releases product away form the centrifuge and down onto an outfeed conveyor.

The outfeed conveyor controls flow and delivers dry product to the downstream processes (including weighing / packing).

The K650 drying system is an ideal addition to the KRONEN GEWA washing machines. It can be integrated in all other systems that require a continuous, user-friendly drying process operated with a minimum number of personnel.

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K650 specification


length 6600 mm
width 4700 mm
height 2400 mm


total power 17 kW
voltage 3~400 V N/PE
frequency 50 Hz


operating pressure 2 x 6 bar

processing data

liter per batch 90 l
spin time free adjustable
kg per batch 35 kg

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